Monday, August 1, 2011

Mommy Made Doughnuts(And YOU Can Too!)!

OK so they dont look like anything fancy, but they sure are YUMMY and totally easy to make!
My mom used to make these for us when we were kids, and now I make them for my kids. :)

All you need are these biscuits:
 I used my deep fryer But you can use a deep pan with some cooking oil (like vegetable or corn)

So I popped open the biscuits and used pulled them all apart. 
Then used a SMALL circle cookie cutter, to cut holes in each of the biscuits as shown:

 Pop them in the oil.. only a few at a time, so they dont burn. Let them bubble and brown.

Then carefully turn them over. Make sure you leave them long enough to cook all the dough, but not too long to burn!

Pull them out onto a paper towel to dry and get the oil off.

 Do the same with the holes.

Grab some frosting or sugar to top with and then serve!

 A quick yummy "home made" treat!

I added some food coloring to the frosting for added fun. :)

Good thing is these doughnuts are very filling, that will stop you from eating too many!
So savor each yummy bite! :)
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  1. Great idea! Very yummy looking, I will be trying this.


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