Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kid Friendly Enchiladas

I'm not sure about everyone else's kids..but my kids are sort of picky eaters!
All three of them are.. But Zander is ESPECIALLY picky..
He will just LOOK at something and decide he doesn't like it. Even when I KNOW he does!
This usually happens every time I make enchiladas. He looks at the plate in front of him, in disgust, and pushes it away.
*sigh* I tell him, I know you like them, just try them! He opens his mouth, barely touches a small portion to his tongue, then spits it out. So I decided to try something different. And came up with something Zander I mean Kid friendly!

So basically I start as I usually do.
(The numbered parts are my regular recipe/directions for enchiladas)
 1.) Boil boneless skinless chicken breast until cooked thoroughly
2.) Allow chicken to cool down then shred the chicken by hand into a pan

At this point Zander usually likes to watch me in the kitchen. He asks what I am cooking.
"Wha Dat Momma?"
I tell him its CHICKEN, in my most excited voice! Nummy for Enchiladas!
"Ah Had Some, pea, momma?"
Me calmly "Of course buddy!" I figure he can eat SOMETHING since he most likely wont eat them once they are done and ready to serve!

Anyways.. so I give Zander a few pieces of the plain cooked shredded pieces.
"Mmm dat good Mommy-Momma"

I continue to prepare the enchiladas as I normally would.
3.) Add some enchilada sauce to the pan of shredded chicken.
4.) Let simmer together.
5.) Heat corn tortillas in a bag to make them soft
6.) Soak them in sauce before wrapping chicken with them

By this time Zander wants more chicken, so I give him a bit more in a small bowl of the chicken with the sauce this time. I wait for his reaction.. and he is still smiling, still eating.. not grossed out faces and no spitting it out! SUCCESS! Of course by this time he noticed the tortillas and shredded cheese and asks about them!

So I tell him, this is for the enchiladas.. do you want some?
He say yes! And who am I to argue with a picky toddler who will potentially actually eat my cooking!? So I grab a warmed tortilla before soaking it in sauce. I add some of the saucy chicken and shredded cheese. Wrap it up and then hand it over.

And... drum roll...

He actually ATE it. ALL of it!
Sure he ate before everyone else... but I was just glad he was eating at all! :)

And of course I finished the enchiladas for the rest of the family.
7.) Wrap chicken in sauce soaked tortillas
8.) Fill up 13x9 baking dish
9.) Top with shredded cheese
10.) Bake for 10 minutes at 400 degrees.

I usually serve mine with homemade tortilla chips, refried beans and corn!

Im not sure if it was just that Zander watched me cook and see for himself what he was eating, or if it was just because it was a little more plain for him to eat it that way, I was just happy he was eating even if it was a slightly modified version. Plus... it didnt take me any extra time to do that for him.

So do any of you have picky eaters?
What helps you get them to eat?
What dinners have you had to modify for your kids to eat?
I'd love to hear your ideas and recipes! :)


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  1. Do husbands count? Mine is the pickiest eater I've ever known. I miss enchiladas like crazy around here. We eat tons of burgers and sandwiches around here, but casseroles or anything like them are a big no-no. Sometimes it's really frustrating because it's almost impossible to trick an adult, or sneak in vegetables.


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