Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Spy Something Missing!

I Spy Something Missing! Can you find what it is??
Yup! My big boy lost his very FIRST baby tooth!!
It is so hard to believe that he is already 5, he is going to kindergarten in ONE week! 
And as if he wasnt official enough.. losing his first tooth sure made him an OFFICIAL Big Boy!

He got to use the special Tooth Pillow I made for the kids, last year. Which was very exciting for him. :)
You can find the tutorial on how I made this cute little tooth on my Agape Love Designs Blog {Here}!

He fell asleep with his tooth in the pocket...

And woke up to a pocket full of cash! :)

Yeah, the tooth fairy gives out big money for THEE FIRST Baby tooth that falls out!

Oh and I have to mention the (funny) sweet conversation between Kiah & Bruce Jr. Before they went to bed.
It went something like this:

Kiah: You have to be sleeping before the tooth fairy will come. She wont come if youre awake!

Bruce Jr.: How does she know I am awake!?

Kiah: Because she is like Santa Clause.. she knows when youre sleeping and she knows when youre awake!! 


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  1. Haha! I love the convo between them! What's he going to spend all that cash on?


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