Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day Of School!

Today was the first day of School for the kids. Which is always a BIG and special day in general. 
But it was even more special today, because it was Bruce's VERY FIRST day of school ever!
Zander wanted to go to school too, poor guy he cried when he couldnt come with us! :(
He started kindergarten today!

We found Kiahs class, and its wonderful because it is actually right across from Brucey's class!
Check out that stack of books on her desk! She will be learning lots this year!
The first thing she noticed was the zebra on it! haha

She felt right at home in her class! She knew just about everyone too.  Such a big girl.
And since there was still time before class started she came with us to check out Bruce's class.

We already had a sneak peek at Bruce's class, because we got to go there a week before school started to meet his teacher. He even colored and cut out his own bear like a big boy!

Today when we came in, there were puzzles to do while we were waiting for everyone to arrive.

Then class started, he had to sit on the color rug that matched the color of his name tag.

I got to stay with him for a while. (I stayed about 30 min) 
He kept looking over at me to make sure I was still there!

Looking a little shy and nervous.

Learning new songs and how to sign to them.

Then there was a song about names, that also involved using a ball! You sang the song, then the teacher would throw the ball to you and you say your name. Of course Bruce LOVED that! And was completely ready to participate for this!

Ready to catch the ball and say his name!

Got it!

It was good to see him enjoying himself.

When it was time for the class to line up and learn how to follow the foot prints to the bathroom is when I left him. He seemed happy and content and confident. SO I kissed him good bye, snapped a few more pictures and left.

*sigh* It was hard to leave him.. I wanted to stay all day!
But I knew I had to let him do it on his own.
Boy, look at how big and handsome he looked!

So I came home to a quiet (and messy) house to wait anxiously to hear about the kids' first day!
I realized that all summer long I hadnt really CLEANED the house! We'd been so busy, on vacation and having visitors I hadnt had the time to really clean.. only mostly tidy up! SO I took advantage of the quiet and having only child (Two if you could The Daddy, who acted like he was dying of boredom with out the kids being home!) and really cleaned the house.
I even scrubbed the counters and gleaned the grout to make it nice and white again and washed our washing machine... it really needed it! And before I knew it, it was time to go get the kids! The time passed so quickly for me...

Unfortunately it seems the time didnt pass as quickly for Brucey! :( I went to his classroom, I saw him before he saw me. And he has started crying just a minute after I had gotten there. Poor guy! Then I called his name and he seemed relieved to see me. One of the parents who was helping in the class told me he was tired. I said yes, he gets tired this time of day plus he is so SHY. She said her son is shy too and this is a very long day for them. (Full day 8:20-2:45) I felt bad. I asked him if something happened, and he said no.. he just missed me. I asked if he had a good day aside from that and he said yes. SO he liked his day and once we were home he was a lot more excited about his day and shared about it with us. :) So thats good. I just pray that tomorrow goes better. I am a little nervous because tomorrow he will take the bus! Yikes! Of course Kiah will be there and help him and walk with him to his class.. so he wont be alone. But I am still a little nervous!

As for my Kiah girl, well she was beyond excited! She had a wonderful day. She said she loves 3rd grade and that her teacher is nice and so funny! :) It was so great to hear. I knew she would do great. She was also excited to hear about Brucey's day. She loved kindergarten, and said she knows Bruce will love it too! I agree with her, he just needs a little time to warm up, he has always been like that!

So who else had kids who started school today, or this week? How did it go?
Any Kindergartener Newbies?? How did they do?
How did YOU do?
I know I was extremely emotional when Kiah started Kindergarten, 
and yet when my shy guy Bruce started today I didnt even shed a tear, oddly enough! 
Lets hope I do as good once I see him go off on the bus! :)


  1. Love this post, you have such a beautiful family. I've been an emotional roller coaster today that reading this made me cry just thinking about our daughter eventually having her first day of school. So cute, love the photos too :)

  2. Congrats on surviving day #1. My kids went back on Monday and Thursday was my 4-year-old's first day at pre-K. She was so excited, but it was a little rough on Mommy to watch her skip onto the bus. Who am I kidding? I got a little teary watching my oldest hop on the bus since it was her first day of high school!


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