Sunday, July 24, 2011

We made Krusty Dogs

What? You're not familiar with Krusty Dogs??
Well Check out this quick video:

Yup... Burgers in the shape of hot dogs! Sounds silly, and you may be wondering why we would want to make "Krusty Dogs"? Right?

Well The Daddy was in the mood to BBQ. Its always nice to BBQ in the Summer time!
I went to the store to pick up a few things we needed. But of course as soon as Im in the van about to leave for home I get a call from The Daddy saying we were out of Hamburger buns! But he didnt want me  to worry about going back inside the store, that we could just use regular bread.

Well I get home and realize we have an excessive amount of HOT DOG buns! So I tell The Daddy, hey before you grill those burgers.. why dont you just shape them like hot dogs and we can use the hot dog buns! You know.. like Sponge Bob did with "Krusty Dogs"! We both laughed.. but it was worth giving a try! :) And it worked! It was very interesting and funny.. but it was better than using regular bread. And the kids got a kick out of us having Krusty Dogs!  :)

Who says Sponge Bob is useless? *hehe* He definitely helped us out that night! :)

Have you ever had to have a silly meal to make up for something you didnt have?
Or have you ever gotten fun ideas from cartoons?

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  1. That's a good idea! My husband is obsessed with his hamburger pattied being shaped to fit whatever bread he is eating them them, so this is perfect for him.


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