Friday, July 29, 2011

This Is What Competitiveness Looks Like...

You have heard me say it before... but I will say it again. My son Bruce is COMPETITIVE! 
He gets that from The Daddy...
Would you like to see what his competitiveness looks like?

These pictures dont do it justice.. it was pretty terrible looking.

His whole stomach, both knees, just under his nose and one of his wrists were all scrapped up!

And he wasnt really crying so much over the scraps themselves.. as he was at the fact that Mommy had to get pictures of it!  Which is why the pictures arent that great, he kept moving and wouldnt hold still for me to get a good shot of his "battle scars".

 He kept getting mad at me and covering himself up.

Until The Daddy told him to knock it off and just let me get a picture... this is then what happened... a crying fit! 
But at least you get the picture....

So you may be wondering what happened?

Well he was outside... just as he is in the pictures.. shorts, no shirt, and flip flops. The Daddy was outside too checking the mail... they decided to race back! Sometimes this Momma thinks The Daddy is one of the kids! Sheesh.. so what happens? Little Bruce trips on his flip flops in an attempt to beat The Daddy. I of course was a little upset with The Daddy... And in the end all Little Bruce could say was "I almost beat daddy though!
*Sigh* Dont worry buddy.. one day you will! :)



  1. My poor baby! Sometimes he is entirely too much like his daddy LOL. I can believe he was more upset over the pictures than over the fall. Who wants to remember all the time you don't beat the daddy, not to mention the fact that the mommy puts everything online LOL. Give him big hugs from me. Love you

  2. Yeah he was mad mostly at the pictures cause he knows I put them online.. he said he didnt want me to show everyone like I always do! I told him it will be a good reminder for future reference not to be SO competitive! lol He just got more mad at me!


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