Friday, July 29, 2011

Once Upon A Time.. (A Story About A Little Boy Who Wanted To Do It All)

Once upon a time there was a little boy who LOVED to do what others did! It was a good thing.... at first. It meant that because he had an older brother and sister who could walk, he learned to walk very fast and early at the age of 9 months! It meant that he learned to eat like a big boy, and play like a big boy and talk and get himself dressed and all the things his big brother and sister could do. It meant that he was very smart and quick at catching on! It made his Mommy and Daddy super PROUD. It made his Doctor excited to see his fast growth and surprised to see him acting several months ahead of his age! It made everyone around him, ooohh and ahhh over how cute this LITTLE boy was doing BIG BOY things!

But Like I said.. that was AT FIRST! Soon he started wanting do EVERYTHING on his own. Little Mister INDEPENDENT! He would sometimes throw fits when Mommy tried to help, because HE wanted to do it HIMSELF! That worried his Mommy.. because he even wanted to do dangerous things, like climb the counters and pour his mommy some coffee, jump in the pool without floaties, ride the big boy quad by himself, climb out of his high chair on his own... then eventually refuse to even use his high chair any more so he could instead eat up at the breakfast bar on the tall stools like brother & sister! It meant things like trying to walk in daddys big shoes, brothers roller skates and EVEN Mommy's Shoes!  And more recently it has meant that not only does he copy everything his brother & sister do... he is also watching what Mommy does.... 
Like when Mommy is unloading the dish washer, or starting a load of laundry, making lunch, or GOING TO THE BATHROOM! And she hears a little voice "I Help... I hellllpp"....

 I guess this Mommy should have known what was coming one day when her little boy was paying special attention to her and how she PUTS ON HER MAKEUP!

You can tell he is "innocently" thinking "What Momma?"
or I guess I should Say "MeeMoo PeePoo" Which is what he has been calling me lately!

Ha.. HA.. ha... 

This little boy sure is a stinker, but at least he is good for a laugh. 

The End.


  1. That little boy is growing up way too fast and so are his brother and sister. Give them all a big hug for me. Love you guys

  2. I'm a new follower :)
    That is too cute! My son got into my eye shadow the other day..... he's 10!! lol

  3. That mascara certainly brings out his beautiful lashes!


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