Monday, July 11, 2011

Beat The Heat On The Cheap!

Im not sure how hot it gets in the summer where you all live, but here in Cali it gets HOT!
Like crazy HOT.. up in the 100's on most days kinda hot!
The heat makes it hard to wanna be out and about outside for too long.
Which leads to lazy days lounging around the house all day long... yeah not fun!
We are majorly blessed with an amazing pool that is wonderful when it comes to beating the heat! 
However there are days where I get too busy to watch the kids in the pool.
(They are not aloud in with out Mommy or Daddy out there)
So when I needed to spend all morning cleaning and doing laundry till the late afternoon I end up with a few grumpy and bored kids who are too hot to go play outside!
As much as I would love to just head on out jump right into the pool and forget about any and all work and mom duties Ive got to do... The Daddy reminds me that I cant! :(
So what to do with 3 hot, grumpy and BORED kids when Ive got work to do?

Stick 'em outside with a hose, a large pot and 3, Dollar Tree squirters!

I let them fill up the pot with water making it easy to use these squirters (meant for use in the pool)!
They spray a lot better, farther and more water than squirt guns. So they are loads of fun!

The kids have a blast squirting each other.

They are no longer bored... so I can get some work done!

And they stay nice and cool while also playing outside and getting the excessive they need!
Yay! Successful way to beat the heat on the cheap! :)

What do you do to beat the heat??


  1. Honestly, we stay inside. With it being 100 degrees and dry all the time. For some reason I blister than have a golden tan here, while when I lived in Arizona I always had a gold tan with no burning. haha.
    We will be inside more often, than not when we have our daughter's surgery next month. I always love finding things at Dollar Tree!

  2. Lately it has been super hot here in the mid-west. We usually are only confined to our house in the winter ;) This is a great idea, off to the Dollar Store I go!


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