Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Grass Sock Heads {Kids Craft!}

Do you remember making sock heads in school when you were a kid?
A few weeks ago my sister Sammy and I were reminiscing about making them and thought it would be the perfect summer craft for the kids to do!

 So we headed to Walmart and got some supplies:
Potting Mix
Grass Seed
Old Socks (had on hand)
Scissors (had on hand)
Googly Eyes (Had on hand)
Marker & Glue Gun (had on hand)
Each kid got a sock!
Zander, Brucey, Kiah, Sammy's Son Jake and her Daughter Deanna-Grace!

The kids picked out their favorite googly eyes!

Lay the sock flat as shown below:

Draw a mouth and then mess around with the googly eyes until you like what you see!

We let the kids get creative and draw their own faces!

We had the kids arrange their eyes then draw dots where they need to go, so I would know where to glue the eyes!

This one is Zander's.

They took their time figuring out the face they wanted

 They even made some MONSTER faces!

When gluing on the eyes be sure to stick your hand in the sock to prevent gluing both sides of the sock together! 
After I used the hot glue gun to glue on the eyes here is what we had:

I tried to get a group shot... so hard to keep all the kids still! LOL

And get them all to look!

Cute lil stinkers!

We are missing two... but finally got some smiles! haha

Ok so next step.. split up the seeds!

Stick the seeds in the sock.

Then fill with dirt!

Cut the length of the sock a bit to tie.

Stick in a cup of water and wait for the grass to grow!

It doesn't take long for the seed to sprout! Here they are only 4 days later!

Some sprouts take a little longer than others...

But eventually the grass grows very tall! Here are the sock heads only 2 weeks later. At this point if desired you can let the kids cut their sock head's "hair". :)

This was a very fun, easy, kid friendly craft! 
Each day the kids checked their sock head and were so excited by the new growth each day!
Do you remember making these in school as a kid?
What fun kids crafts have you been doing this summer??


  1. Ahhhh, ao cute, I love it. I want to do this, it's like the chia only free, lol.

    When did Kiah get her hair cut, or is it just my imagination,,, it's really blonde too, WOW... gosh you have incredibly beautiful kids girl.

    I'm pinning this, and featuring it on my facebook page, LOVE IT...

    Hugs, Bella :)

  2. This is way too cute! Love all the photos too

  3. This is so much fun! I would LOVE for you to stop by my blog and share this! I host a party each week for kids and things that mommies make for kids. Please stop by!!! I'd love to have you linking up your fun ideas with us each week!



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