Friday, May 20, 2011

When You Need A Laugh...

Sometimes, kids are very random... you've heard of R.A.O.K?
Meaning random acts of KINDNESS... these are sweet acts
performed by one person for another.. for no other reason than to
just be nice, to be helpful and give a smile to another human being.
Well, I have mentioned R.A.O.K. before...only what Im talking
about is Random Acts of KIDS! These acts are performed by kids
for no other reason than curiosity, plain stupidity and similar to
the other... to give their PARENTS (and other parents) a smile..
or maybe its more like hysterical LAUGHTER!

Today I have one such R.A.O.K. to share with you... one that
will have you Laughing Out Loud for quite a while..
Enter Bruce Jr.'s Hair....

Are you dying of laughter yet? I keep laughing, just posting these
every time I look at them I start laughing!

I was a little upset at first.. frustrated really.
See he has a thing about his hair..lately he has been wanting to do his own
hair.. style it with gel and everything. And then out of nowhere he comes
over to me and says My hair is getting long huh?
I say yeah its getting longer... not really thinking much of it...
He asks this a lot. 
So then he leaves for a bit then comes back with his hand over
his forehead/hair line! And I freak.. WHAT DID YOU DO!?
(I knew what he did) SHOW ME NOW!

He pouted and looked ashamed..and glanced over at daddy who was
napping on the couch... I could tell he was worried Daddy would
hear me upset and he would be in BIG trouble. He started getting
teary eyed, and I just said.. Brucey bring to me what you used to cut
your hair and then you need to go take a nap....
See I was more upset at first, and didnt want to get too mad. 
I figured it he had a nap.. or at least some quiet time in his room, I could
have a break and just calm down. By the time he woke up, I just laughed
about it. He looked ridiculous.. and I instantly went into mamarazzi mode,
and had to snap some pictures to share....
I was laughing... and so was he:

Silly little goof ball!

After that I had to go to Worship practice, and when I came home this
is who greeted me at the door: Brucey The Last Air Bender!!

Yeah... like father like son...
Daddy is just as much as goof ball kid as little Bruce...
he used crayon to draw a blue arrow on Bruce Jr.'s now BALD little head
so that he would look like ANG from The Last Air Bender.

Sometimes you just have to laugh!
And when I need a laugh.. I know I can always look back at this post. :)


  1. Omg I totally was not expecting the end.Wow I was laughing. I think all my boys have cut their hair 1 time or another.I enjoy reading your blogs. thanks for sharing with everyone.

  2. I can alway count on that goofy little froggy boy to give me belly laughs. I haven't laughed so hard since the afernoon he was copying us with his little froggy voice when I was visiting. Give the goof a big hug for me. Love you guys

  3. Omg lol I would cry!!!! He looks cute tho


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