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Happy Mother's Day {Now THAT's Motherhood}

 If this post seems familiar it is because it was inspired by
and her post Now Thats Motherhood.<---- Please read it!
I left her a comment when she wrote it, and then 8 months later I got an email from her saying this:

this comment you left a while back is so amazing that I just wanted to let you know that i saved it to my computer to read when I need a smile!
Ashley Stock

I was so touched, for one, by her blog post... (and her blog in general) its a must read it got me very emotional, and touched my heart big time! But also very touched that she would email me letting me know that she saved MY comment and reads it when SHE needs to smile. How cool is that!
Her blog ALWAYS inspires me and makes me smile. It was awesome to know that I could do the same for her! Anyways, I saved HER email to me. And I decided it would be nice to create a similar post of my own to honor all the Mommy's I know in MY life, this mothers day.
I figured I would start by re-posting the comment I left on Ashley's blog post:

Your thoughtful words never cease to amaze and inspire me...
and on several occasions bring tears to my eyes.
What a beautiful, truly inspiring and uplifting post for mommas of all kinds.
You are a blessing to many people. Thanks for sharing this encouraging post! :)
I know several mommas worth mention.. but for time sake.. I will mention my older sister:

She is a momma who for years desperately wanted a baby of her own, but could not conceive due to PCOS. (or At least thats what the some of the MANY doctors had told her for a long time).
She was hurt and sad, but always leaned on God and knew His timing was best.
She is a momma who went into foster care. And brought many children into her home who had rough lives and terrifying stories.
She nurtured and cared for them, and showed them the love of God.
She is a momma who ended up adopting 4 of these foster children! One only 10 years younger than herself!
Her and her husband love them as if they had, had them their self.
She is also a momma who adopted a 5th child, a new born baby girl and is thrilled to be raising all 5 of her children!
It wasnt exactly the normal way one gets a family! But she is amazing with them. And she knows had she been able to have her own children.. she never would have considered foster care or adoption. What a blessing she is, and an inspiration. Letting God use her for HIS will and purpose, rather than her own original plans. He did give her the desires of her heart, just not the way she was expecting it to happen.


I know a Momma who once walked 3 miles (because her car was broke down) all the way to her daughters school (then 3 miles back!), just to bring her candy to share with her 5th grade class.
See the daughter was new to the school and in the beginning of the year all the class decided that EVERYONE in the class had to bring SOMETHING to share if they ever did a class party, or else they had to sit out of the party. Being a new kid and not knowing about that rule or the party, she had nothing to share and was told she could not participate. She sat alone at her desk crying until her Momma came to her rescue.
This Momma's daughter has NEVER forgotten that, and she STILL gets choked up thinking about it.
This is a Momma who knows about sacrifice and what it takes to raise 4 girls all on her own.
This is a Momma who has had to work two jobs to be able to provide, which has taught her girls to be grateful for all they have, big or small.
This Mother is now a grandmother to 11 Children! And there are 2 more on the way! This mother
cherishes her grand babies. She is a "Nana" that plays games, share's stories, makes home made play-doh, home made doughnuts for breakfast, and special memories with each visit.


I know a Momma who is pregnant with her very first child!
She is so excited and nervous, yet she has nothing to be nervous about she is AH-MAZING with kids!
She is like a momma to all of her nieces and nephews and loves them like she would if they were her very own. She is thee favorite aunty to ALL of them!
She is a momma who isn't afraid to act silly and make a fool of herself for the sake of a child's smile and laughter.
She is a momma who is patient and loving.
She is a momma who will get down to child's level to play cars or color with them.
She is a momma who will listen and comfort no matter how big or small the problem is.
She is a momma who is encouraging to all.
She is a momma who cherishes every moment she has with the kids in her life.
She praises the wonderful motherly attributes of others all the while not realizing her own. You know who you are... and you need to know, even before you have a child of your own, you are already a WONDERFUL Momma!


I know a Momma who jumped aboard the Motherhood EXPRESS train!
She is a young mother, but a loving one.
She is a momma who is very strong willed. - With two beautiful children every bit as strong willed as she.
She is the very definition of  "Get back up when you fall down".
She is a Momma who knows that loving sometimes means letting go.
Through the ups and downs she is learning and conquering and finding the right path.
She is a Momma who is HILARIOUS, she has the BEST sense of humor.
Her kids are just as funny...."Hhhheeee 'HIND Juuuu" hahaha gotta love it!
She is a momma who knows how to keep the fun alive in her marriage even with 2 kids and another one on the way!

I know a Momma who LOVES children so much and has such a heart for them, that (now that her 2 are in their 20's) she is going back to school to be a para-educator. 
She plans to be working with pre-school through early elementary school aged kids with emotional behavior disorders like adhd, autism and other similar conditions. 
She wants to be a support to their parents as well.
She is a momma who has experience with that, with her oldest.
She already is and will continue to be able to be a great amazing support for anyone in need!
She is a momma who has a heart for serving and helping those around her.
She is the kind of Momma who would take care of another Momma and her kids, while she was far away from home and her husband was deployed. And treat them as if they were her very own daughter and grandchildren. Because THAT is the kind of loving Momma she is and the servant's heart she has!


There is so much more I could say about those Momma's!
And there are many more Momma's I could mention,
but for times sake, I will end it here.
These are some very special Momma's in my life!
Tell me about the Special Momma's in YOUR life! :)



  1. What an amazing and inspiring post. I recognize each of those mommas in your life and am amazed at how you see each of them. You are an amazing mom yourself who always is liking of your kids and loving them, even when sometimes they drive you crazy. Happy mother's day.

  2. That was truly amazing maria... I almost started crying hysterically. Love you!

  3. WOW, this post is truly amazing! I literally have tears rolling down my cheeks. I even called my mom and read it to her--she cried too. I was especially touched my the story about the mom walking three miles to rescue her daughter from insensitive kids. Great post and I am honored to be mentioned here. You have always been one of my favorite readers, and your support is appreciated more than you know.

  4. yeah I had tears rolling down my face as well... and almost burst into tears but had to suck it in lol. LOVE you sister :)

  5. Amazing this made me cry and touched my heart. Love you so much!

  6. Ok now you have me crying too. I thought it was amazing before you finshed the part about the last momma but now I feel even more blessed.


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