Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dear Bruce {I Heart Your Face!}

Dear Bruce Jr,
So my cell phone's SD card had told me its had enough!
Its full! Ive got several hundred songs and well over 1000
photos too! So I decided to finally upload some of those pictures.
And guess what found? Several Pictures of silly Brucey Faces!

We have ducky lip faces...

And even some sweet handsome Brucey faces...

Cheesey grin's...

Crazy smile faces...

What makes these silly faces even sillier is the fact that they 
were taken at a wedding! Look in the window, in the picture below.
See the lady in the wedding gown? She is with her brides maids
getting their pictures taken! And we are having fun with
a little photo shoot of our own! :)

haha.. yeah we're "cool"

Bruce, my little Buddy Boo, I love you so much!
You are so funny. And though your crazy energetic nature
sometimes drives me up the wall, I am so thankful for you!
You are not only one of the toughest little boys I know,
but you are also super sensitive! You are a little gentlemen!
You wait for me, hold my door open for me, help me with 
groceries, tell me I look beautiful.. even when I just woke up 
and feel like crud! You always tell me you love me, and cant
go to sleep at night or let me leave without a hug and a kiss
good night or good bye.

Discovering these pictures again one my phone sure made me smile!

I totally heart your face, and not just cause it kinda looks like mine! :)

Thanks for bringing out the silly in me.

Thanks for reminding me never to take life too seriously.

Thanks for making me laugh...even when I dont want to!

Thanks for loving me, even when I become the mean mommy monster.

 Thanks for being just like your daddy.
I know you can help most of those things.. thats just you 
being you! Im just grateful for that.


Im one Blessed Mommy!
 I Love you!

Love Always,

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  1. What a fun post. I love all those silly Bruce faces too. That's what I miss most about not seeing him all the time. Your a great mom who truly appreciates all the special things about each of your kids no matter how crazy they drive you sometimes. Have a happy mother's day.


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