Saturday, March 26, 2011


That is...
Random Acts Of Kids!!!

They make me smile. 
They bring me joy
They make me laugh when I'm grumpy.
They leave me a little puzzled...
 They are surprising.
They are silly.
They make the things I don't want to do more fun.

Case in point:
I walk into the bathroom hands full of supplies;
Broom, Clorox wipes, scrub sponge, cleaning sprays, toilet cleaner.....
You get the idea, prepared to clean the bathroom.
I was really not in the mood to be cleaning the bathrooms.
We have 3 of them, and the kids bathroom always gets the messiest!
So I was a little grumpy, until I saw this:

Talk about random! 
Like I said,
random acts of kids make doing things I don't want to do more fun.
  It made me laugh. 
And I was instantly more grateful for my messy kids, 
and for silly random moments like these.

I'd like to hear about your R.A.O.K. stories...
I know if you're a Mommy you have plenty of random acts of 
kids stories to share! So let's hear them. :)


  1. That is soo cute! I was working and finished at 12. I went to find my husband and he was walking up the street from randomly mowing our neighbors lawn. I was super surprised.

  2. This is so sweet, I found a toy car and train in the powder drawer of the washing machine the other day, made doing the laundry a little bit nicer!


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