Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kiah's "Conversation Heart" Themed Birthday Party!

As I have mentioned, Kiah just recently had her birthday.
She turned eight! *tear*
I cant believe my baby girl is getting so old! :)
Since her birthday is a little close to Valentine's day,
we decided on a cute "Conversation Hearts" theme!
It was actually a lot of fun!
Here is the invitation I designed for her!
We printed them off as 4x6 photo cards, stuck them in
envelopes covered in conversation heart stickers!
Kiah had a lot of fun helping me get them ready to send out.

(3D Heart Templates by Osa Honey)

Here are the giant conversation heart cakes, 
made by my Amazing sister Mona!

She made Kiah her own personal smaller heart cake.

I had heart shaped bowls set out with,
what else but actual conversation hearts!
I got the Diva glitter package, and the originals package.
 They looked so pretty. :)

Of course you can expect that Mommy Made something 
extra for the party!
I made this Sweet Heart Toss, just for her party!
Tutorial coming soon!
Its very similar to the life size photo cutout I made for my
birthday party.

Here is what's left of the goody bags,
I had to make about 35!
Yes we have a big family!
And she invited a lot of her school friends.
These adorable bags I found at the dollar tree.

I made goody bags for the younger kids with mommy made crayons
2 per goody bag.

For the older kids, I put in mommy made chalkboards & chalk!
These are smaller hand size versions of {this} one I made.

All the goody bags contained these:
Little heart shaped boxes with stickers and tattoos in them!

This was a total score! Since Vday was over, all Vday stuff was clearanced!
I got these normally $2 per bag, for .25 each!!!
I totally cleaned them out!

And then of course, there had to be candy!
So each goody bag had these:
Which was another major score!
Those boxes of conversation suckers
were originally $1 a box, I got them for .10 a box!
Bought 36 of them.. yup for only $3.60!!!
I think total for all the goody bag supplies
I spent $10... Mommy was pretty please with that!

It was definitely a fun theme, and so convenient being right after Valentines day
and getting such great deals for her party decor! :)

Well now that I have shared Kiahs theme.. I must share a few
more pictures of the actual party!
Here she is.. the birthday girl!
Hair curled, bright blue eyes, dimples to make you swoon.
The Princess, Kiah!

The school friends:

More friends and her Nana & cousins too!

We rented a GIANT castle jump house!
Its pretty awesome, my uncle owns the business
Gonzalez Jumpers, so if you are local to Red Bluff CA
be sure to check it out.. great prices, and lots of other party supplies!

As you can see.. this is TONS of fun.
Even the hubs, my brother in law and sister had to sneak in 
and get in on the jumpin' action!

Little Bruce & my gorgeous niece Deanna Grace playin the sweet heart toss!
I admit, it was actually even fun for the adults!
I loved playing it.. and it was still a challenge. :)

Present time.

Believe it or not.. this was only about half the guests in the shot.

Check out the smile on her face when she got her Bieber shirt!
(some of these pics you may need to double click to get a better view!)

She loves the crafty stuff just like her Momma.

She's saying 
'Hey remember I said I wanted this!'
haha who would've guessed? :)

This was a BIG hit! Kiah is major into zebra print, its her room theme.
It was probably about this point, when the hubs started getting teary eyed,
realizing our daughter was growing up!

Ok and for the grande finale...
*drum roll please*
Kiah opening our gift to her...
She got this empty box with a note that said

Her reaction:

What she was looking at:
Brand new 
(well the monitor was new from us, the computer was a gift from my sister Alea)
~Custom Paintings that of course Mommy Made for her!
They had been hanging up in my craft room forever, we finally put them 
in her room for the big reveal.

There was so much excitement.. especially as
everyone tried to cram into her room to see the big surprise. 

She was definitely excited! And happy with her gift.
I know you may think our kids are spoiled...
well... yes maybe they are! *haha*
BUT they are all very well mannered, they behave 
are always thankful and respectful.
So we think they deserve to have special nice things.
Also both the hubs and I agree its nice for them to have
things now that will last them through the years.
And just because we got asked this a lot...
NO, she does not have internet access through this computer!
:) We dont think that is safe for her at this age.
But I loaded her up with paint programs, and photos
and lots of games she can play with on the computer.

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  1. Looks like she had a blast. Thank you for sharing the great party ideas. Don't forget to join me for More The Merrier Monday and link up all of your great projects.

  2. Adorable daughter and her party looked fantabulous! I have three daughters but my two oldest are grown & out of the house which leaves me with my 16 yr old; and I had seen this bumper sticker that I thought described her so I had it embroidered on a tshirt for her, it said: "I'm not spoiled, just well taken care of!" ;)

  3. Hi, Maria Isabel! You have a lovely family! Your daughter is growing up to be a very lovely lady just like her mom! I really liked the fact that you were able to prepare a lovely birthday bash for your daughter without spending too much! I am featuring this today! Be sure to grab your featured button! thanks for linking up and I hope to see you again this week! have a nice weekend! ^^)

  4. So cute!! I'm your newest follower!! Maria from Agape Love Designs sent me! Feel free to follow me back :)


  5. That's so cute. My parents did something similar the year I got my computer (which was gosh like over 15 years ago now.) My Dad had programmed it so when I turned the screen on it would be saying "Happy Birthday Nicole" all across the screen. Definitely something I won't ever forget and I'm sure your daughter won't either.


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