Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm Gonna Punch God In the Face! (Dialog Post)

This Dialog post, is a conversation between
Mommy, Daddy, Brucey and Kiah.
This was a conversation that happened a while ago, but I was reminded of
it recently and it made me laugh so I thought I would share. :)

Kiah and Daddy had just come home from the father daughter dance.

Mommy: "Kiah how did you like your special date with daddy?"

Kiah: "It was fun. We went to dinner, and danced, and even went to dessert after!"

Mommy: "Oh what did you have!?"

Kiah: "Banana split!"

Brucey: "Mommy why I not getta go on a special date?"

Mommy: "Ahh, hunny, cause youre not in school yet. Im sure when you go to school there will be a mother son dance, and then we can go on a special date.. if you want to go with me."

Brucey: : "DADDY, Mommy said WE get to go on a special date too!"

Daddy, (always so competitive): "Yeah well we had banana SPLITS!"

Brucey (trying to one up him): "Well we are gonna have STRAWBERRY splits!"

Daddy: "Well.. we went to DISNEY Land!"

Mommy (trying to defend our special date): "Fine.. then we will go to Disney WORLD!"

Kiah (giving her input): "Yeah and we went to Candy land!!!"

Mommy: "Well then we will go to Wonder Land! Huh, Brucey?"

Brucey folds his arms, and gets a serious look on his face.

Daddy whispers to Kiah.

They both say... "We went to see GOD!"

Brucey frustrated shouts: "Well... IM GONNA PUNCH GOD IN THE FACE!"

Brucey Waves his little fist in the air.

Kiah, shocked: "Brucey! You can't say that!"

Mommy and Daddy cant help but burst into laughter!

Kiah turning to Mommy and Daddy trying to explain: "I don't think he knows enough about God..."

Kiah to Bruce: "I think you mean you want to punch the devil in the face!"

Wow.. are the boys in this family competitive or what! :)
Good thing this Mommy can keep up.

Bruce Jr & Daddy


  1. That is too funny.
    I couldn't believe it. This morning my four-year-old says, "Three of us came out of your belly." I sighed and said, "Yep." And he replied with, "Holy cow, that's a lot." Gosh, son, thanks!

  2. HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!! I am crackin' up.


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