Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Memorable Morning Quotes

I haven't always been a morning person. 
I used to enjoy staying up late and sleeping in.
But since becoming a mommy of 3 my routine has turned upside down!
I wake up everyday at 6:25AM...Some days earlier.
The sun is not even up at this time!
I get about 30 minutes to myself before my day as Mommy officially starts.

I was thinking to myself this morning about my precious little ones.
In this month and the 2 following this one, Kiah will be 8, Zander will be 2
and Bruce Jr will be 5! I can hardly believe it! 
So Ive been reminiscing about them all morning.
Thinking its amazing how much has happened, how they have grown 
and how much they have changed, and we have grown and changed
as a family! Then Zander woke up and I realized there are
still SOME things that are the same every day.
here is one thing I can count on everyday..
well at least for another year or so;
 Every morning when Zander wakes up, his first words to me are
'Momma eat, Momma EAT!'

No other words come out of his mouth but those every morning.
Until I do get him his breakfast, and then its:
"De-de Momma" Which is his way of Saying Thank you. :)

I was reminded of Bruce Jr. when he was just a toddler.
He was similar in that he only said one thing to me EVERY morning
when we woke up. Those words were:
'Momma milt, Momma MILT!'
Yeah that's how he pronounced milk. :)
Makes me smile just thinking about it.
Like most adults have to have their morning cup of coffee,
Brucey HAD to have his morning cup of milk!
Otherwise he was a big grumpy butt.

Now today he is more like Zander and says to me,
Mommy can you make me breakfast, what do you have?
He sits down at the breakfast bar and I feel like a waitress
taking his order. :)
Today he wanted a toaster strudel, and a cup of hot chocolate.
His usual is normally yogurt, fruit and a begal with "tunella" on it.
No matter how many times I say NUTELLA, he keeps mixing up the N and T.
But I love it. I enjoy the cute and silly way kids say certain words.

They say the way to a mans heart is through his stomach!
I can believe that.. the boys sure do prove it to me!
Especially since they are so similar in this area.

Kiah was completely different!
She was patient in the morning. With her, I could sleep in!
She would wake up and play in her room until I woke up.
On some days I would open my eyes only to see her big blue
eyes staring right into mine. 
Makes me laugh just remembering.

My darling little girl. She has always been extremely smart.
She spoke very well at an early age. Not much baby talk.
She pronounced words correctly.
She would tell me good morning. That she loved me.
I would always ask her what she wanted for breakfast.
She always asked for an apple.
 I remember one morning walking through the hallway towards the kitchen
asking her what she wanted for breakfast, then saying 'Let me guess..
You want apples for breakfast!'

She corrected me.

'No momma, I want an APPLE, not apples.. I only want ONE!'
Told ya she was a smarty.
 Kiah, age 4, in these two photos.

 And just for fun, since we are talking morning time.
Here are a few good morning photos! :)

These first 3 are pretty recent ones of Kiah and Zan.

And lastly, I had to add my FAVORITE P.J. pic.
This was Little Bruce Chirstmas morning 2009! :)

Remember how I said I wasnt always a morning person?
Yeah that was before I had these beautiful faces to wake up to.
Ok so I will admit, there are still days when I want to roll
over and stay in bed. And of course, I have bad mood mornings too.
Don't we all? 
But all in all, I have found myself more of a morning person now.
I'm thankful for the special morning memories we have made.


  1. Ah I am getting chocked up :( They are growing so fast.

  2. I know.. that's what I have been thinking about all morning! I cant believe it. Its fun remembering back on the memories though, and seeing the old pictures. Ahh... its still so crazy to me though. I cant believe how grown up they are.


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