Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dear Zander

Thank you for giving me a REASON to have a cup of coffee this morning! 
You may not have noticed this, since you're, you know... only 23 months old, 
and your world still revolves around you. :) 
Mommy has been trying to lay off the stuff!
Not completely, but just limit myself to maybe a cup or two a week.
Reasons being that; It's bad for my teeth, I'd like to keep mine
white as long as possible!
And two, Mommy loads her coffee up!
I make myself my own version of my favorite Starbucks drink: white chocolate mocha.
A couple spoons full of hot chocolate mix, and French Vanilla creamer!

Yeah all that yummy goodness, isn't good for Mommy's diet!!
Hence the second reason Im trying not to drink it as often.

Today I have YOU to thank for allowing me this simple pleasure.
Since you decided to make it your mission since 3AM this morning
to crawl into bed with me and your daddy, and do what ever
it would take to WAKE ME UP!

I finally caved at 5:35AM.

Normally I would be grumpy and maybe a little upset with you
from the lack of sleep!
But since Im already awake now, and getting angry WONT turn back time
or allow me any more sleep today, I decided to make the most of it.
To make my LARGE cup of coffee, and ENJOY it, and enjoy you...
sitting next to me.. the wiggle worm that you are,
as I write this quick little thank you note to you. :)

After all.. how could I really be mad at this face, all rosy and full of sunshine!

I Love you Zander Boo! My little Boogey Oogey Oooo!!
Thanks for the morning coffee buddy!
Can you guess what you need a refill of in that cup up there?

Yup... strawberry Milk!
When ever I go to fill up your cup with milk, you like to barge into the 
fridge as well, grab the strawberry sauce and shove it at me saying
"Mommy dit! Dit Mommy Momma, Momma"
Yes you really call me Mommy Momma Momma. :)
And I love it.
Now lets Cuddle and Watch Dora!!

'Awwww MEEEEEE!!'


  1. AWW, so sweet. Ok, first off your coffee actually sounds divine, it's no wonder you want it. Second, your little Boogey Ooogey OOO, is too cute. I love those mommy moments, so sweet!!

    Once my princess and I were up before the sun came up, and it was a hot summer day. We went and took a pillow, and blanket, and layed down on our swing bed outside. We got to see the sun come up, and it was BEAUTIFUL, just the princess and her mommy.

    Thanks for sharing girl, I loved it!!!

    Bella :)

  2. Haha! Thanks for linking up to Real Moms, Real Laughs. I've definitely had similar conversations with my children... or maybe I was talking to the coffee pot. It's hard to tell at Early:DarkThirty in the morning.

  3. What a great post! I don't think I'm capable of cutting back on my coffee. Just found your blog, love it!

  4. This makes me want children. Even though I'm only 18. :]


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