Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dear Kiah (The Date Night)

Dear Kiah,
A few weeks ago you went on a big date with Daddy.
You were beyond excited! And I too was excited, for you.
This was the third Father Daughter Dance you have enjoyed
since you have started school.
But every time is just as fun and exciting.

You get to wear a special dress, get your hair and makeup done
by mommy, and get to go to a restaurant that you chose
and then dance with daddy all night.

What a special time for you!
I hope you will always have these special memories to look back on.
Of course you know, being the "mama-razzi" that I am,
I took plenty of pictures for your memorable pleasure! :)

Kiah, you are my GORGEOUS little princess!
Look how grown up you look, just barely turning 8 years old!

I want you to always remember you are truly a PRINCESS,
a Child of God, who is the King of Kings!
And so you always deserve to be treated as such.

Even looking away you are beautiful!
Wearing the special sequined butterfly hair clip, that Mommy made you!

One reason I get just as excited for you to go on these special
daddy daughter dates, as you do, is because it gives you an example
of how you should be treated by a man. I know you are still very young, 
but I want you to grow up knowing your worth! 
I want you to remember, when you are old enough to
date and consider a man for your future husband, the good traits in your
daddy! The way he treated you, and as good as that is, remember that
your future boyfriends and husband should treat you just as good or better!

Look at you! You are stunning! I am beyond proud of you!
Never EVER doubt your worth or your beauty.
Never let anyone bring you down.
Know that you are loved by many.

You have such a kind heart.
You are sweet and thoughtful.
You are SMART!
Beauty & Brains
Look out world!

You are friendly to everyone.
You make so many people happy, by doing nothing more than being yourself!
You have faith!
You love God and you are not afraid to say it and share that.
Have I mentioned how proud I am of you? :)

You are dainty. :)

You are genuine!

You are silly!

You have adorable little dimples that have melted my heart since day one!

Your name means: Seasons Beginning
Which works considering you are my first born 
and were the beginning to a new season in my life. 
I am so thankful for you.

You are a sister, and an example... a good one at that!
Even though there are days when you like to be the boss, and take on
Mommy's job. But you are loving and also very nurturing, to your
brothers and other kids your own age and younger.

You are a daughter! 
And a daddy's girl!

Mommy and Daddy LOVE you sooo much!

Remember we will always be here for you.

Im so glad you enjoyed your date with daddy. :)

Here are a few fun pictures I got of your two practicing your dance moves!

I just ADORE this shot! haha

Simply. Precious.

I Love you my dear, Kiah Isabel!

Love Always,


  1. What a beautiful post.She will cherish these memories!

  2. Stopping by & following form Agape Love Designs. What a beautiful girl you have. Golly!

  3. These are such cute pictures! I am a new follower! Maria from Agape Love sent me!

  4. I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am by you and the messages you and your husband are sending to your daughter. I am a counselor, always looking for tangible ways to help clients, and you guys are an excellent example. You are all blessed to have each other. Keep up the great work. They are only little once, and we only get one chance to help shape these happy, healthy people.


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